8 Jun 2024

Lexis Nexis Dragons 43 Leeds Rhinos 51

By Saskia Holland

Leeds Rhinos travelled to Cardiff to play at the Utilita Arena for their penultimate game of the season. After trailing in the first quarter, we secured the win by 8 goals in a highly competitive game against Cardiff Dragons 43-51. Cardiff Dragons were first to score after a contact call against Cassie Howard on the circle edge. Joyce Mvula continued to match Cardiff Dragons goals but a turnover in defence meant we went ahead (4-3). 

Zoe Davies picked up a rebound but a communication error between her and Sarah MacPhail meant the ball landed back in the hands of the home side. A footwork call in the circle for Mvula brought the game back level (5-5). Dragons started to push ahead after missed shots from Amelia Hall but a misfeed from Elle McDonald into the oppositions shooting circle gave us the possession back (10-9). The home side were leading by 1 after the first quarter (12-11). 

A tip from Davies landed in the hands of MacPhail to start the second quarter (12-12). A missed shot for Hannah Passmore and a contact on the rebound went in favour of Leeds Rhinos as Mvula converted it in the attack end (13-16). Hall was called for a replayed ball and Dragons brought the game back level after a contact call against Zoe Davies. A turnover for Howard in the final 2 minutes was scored by Hall which allowed us to gain a lead (20-24). A further turnover and goal meant we were 7 ahead at half time (20-27). Harriet Jones (GA) and Michelle Magee (WD) entered the court at half time. 

A rebound made in defence followed by a held ball call for Nia Jones allowed us to extend the lead to 10 (20-30). Celyn Emanuel was called for held ball in the attacking third and a contact call against Mentor was finished by Georgia Rowe (24-31). Dragons won the sideline in their defensive third in the final minute and were able to score 2 consecutive goals to end the third quarter 33-37.

Both sides begun the final quarter with goals and Dragons were the first to break down play after Magee landed out of court. However, it was won back in the centre third and Jones scored the goal. We gained another turnover after a footwork call in the circle for Rowe but a missed shot for Jones with Mvula called for contact on the rebound allowed Passmore to sink the shot (39-43). A footwork call went against Dragons and Jones was able to score after Lead Middleton received a warning and play was advanced. Zoe Davies took the intercept with one minute remaining of the game and Jones put up the shot (42-50). 

We return back home to the Allam Sports Centre in Hull next weekend for our last game of the season in front of a sell out crowd.

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