Pathway Trials FAQ

Are trials open trials?

Trials are fully open trials and anyone wanting to be a part of the Leeds Rhinos Netball pathway

in 23/24 season needs to sign up to a trial.

What Age group do I trial for?

Age eligibility is as follows:

Exceptional U15, U16 & U17 athletes – U17 trial on Sunday 3rd September

U18 & U19 athletes – U19 trial on Sunday 10th September

U20 & U21 athletes – U21 trials on Tuesday 12th September and Tuesday 19th September

PLEASE NOTE: Any athlete trialing maybe asked to attend a different age group in addition IF selectors feel it is necessary.

If I sustain an injury ahead of trials, will I be able to have a late trial?

Yes, you will be required to submit a progress report to keep us updated and a revised trial date will be provided for you.

If I am unable to trial on either date, can I attend a late trial?

We will allocate late trials which will be in a training session of the requested trial, on a case by case basis.

What should I wear?

Plain T-shirt/vest and dark bottoms with room for your trial number to be displayed clearly on

your arm and leg. Finger nails to be cut and all jewellery off.

Please avoid wearing club/school/representative kit.

Ensure you bring clothing to wear in between games and to enter/exit the building in.

Bring warm clothes to wear between matches.

Bring drinks, lunch and snacks as the trial is a full day.

What do I need to bring with me on the day?

Trialist must bring the following items:

•            First Aid Kit – Inclusive of Ice packs and plasters

•            Plenty of water

•            Healthy snack to consume after your trial

•            Any medication you are required to take for health issues

Is there a place to store my valuables?

No, trialists will be responsible for their own belongings, please bring as little as possible

When will I receive trial information?

We will send out all trial confirmation within one week of the closing date and then another reminder 1 week before each trial date you have registered for.

If you do not receive any email confirmation of sign up to the trials, please contact by Friday 11th August.

What happens on arrival?

Please arrive at the time identified on your trial confirmation and head into reception where you will see a registration desk. From here you will receive your trial number and a pen to write this visible on yourself. If you can’t attend or are running late, please email 

What is the trial format?

The trial will be broken up into 4 key areas:

1 – Warm up

2 – skills and drills

3 – game sense activities

4 – Match play opportunity

Are parents and Spectators able to watch?

No, trials will be closed and we do not encourage nor endorse spectators. If there are any illnesses or injuries then parents will be contacted.

When will I know the outcome of the trial?

We will endeavour to let you know the outcome within 5 working days. If after this, you have not received an outcome, please contact in case the email has bounced back.

Will I receive feedback from my trial?

No feedback will be given due to the large amount of trialists we will have. However, if you been part of the Leeds Rhinos pathway 22-23 season, you will receive feedback if not selected.

Will I only be looked at for a place in the age group I have trialed for?

No, as we are opening up our pathway, athletes who are eligible for other age groups will be looked at and placed where selectors see their potential as being pushed the most.

What prior experience does my child need to have to trial?

There is no prior experience needed to attend Leeds Rhinos Netball Pathway screening however, most applicants will be in attendance of clubs and/or School.

When will my child need to be available for games?

Fixtures will be played in season on Saturdays but there may be some pre-season fixtures during training sessions on through the days in school holidays.

Will there be any additional costs for Rhinos kit? 

Kit will be available to order and information will go out on outcome letters.

Who will the coaches be?

Coaching allocations are all TBC during the summer months.

Will there be an NPL tournament this year?

Yes – The NPL tournament is scheduled for the end of July 2024.

How much is it to trial and where do I pay?

Trial fee is £20 per athlete and needs to be paid pre-screening. This will be paid when you sign up to the trial and we will be able to accept your application to trial at this point.

Does my daughter have to play in a netball club as well as Rhinos if successful?

Athletes are encouraged to play club netball to support their development but it is not a requirement to be in the Leeds Rhinos Netball Pathway but often does act as a complimentary environment for their netball development and there are plenty of strong Netball clubs in the Region.

Do I need to be affiliated to England Netball?

Yes, all athletes need to be insured and affiliated to England Netball so we can register them on Engage as part of the club.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our email


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